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It starts with counselling.
We first understand your interest, goals and aspirations then our trained and experienced counsellors will guide you as you articulate your thoughts and make the decisions that will eventually affect your career.

Studying abroad is a huge decision both in terms of the money and emotional involvement. It is therefore important for students to ensure they think thorough before they take the decision to pursue one course or the other. While there is a plethora of career options to choose from, they can be overwhelming and create confusion and anxiety in the minds of both, the parents and their child. Added to which is the well-meant advice of family and friends… That is why our trained and experienced team of counsellors will consult with you, to understand and identify your aspirations to enable you to choose a program that perfectly matches your goals.

We help you understand the market scenario and how it will eventually affect your choice of program and education. Understanding the market is extremely important to the program you decide to eventually pursue, as it will give you insights into what may be in the offering when you complete your education and are ready to get into the work force. While most students do not consider this while deciding the program they pursue, we match students to market opportunities based on their interest and goals. Enabling them to become industry ready on completing their education. Every student is important to us and we give all our students equal time and attention.

Contact us for our counselors to get in touch with you and guide you to a university that is best suited for you.

We help create the best possible university application based on our knowledge and experience of what works best with that university. While there are many universities out there, our trained and experienced counsellors will guide you to the universities that are best suited for you to achieve your goals. Our years of dealing with university officials and understanding their requirements gives us the edge in creating the application.

Contact us for our counselors to get in touch with you and guide you to a university that is best suited for you.

Our visa guidance service not only includes filling visa application forms, but also ensuring financial documents are in the order as needed by the consulate – all bank statements, demand drafts etc. are as should be, and most importantly preparing students to answer questions by conducting mock interviews and sharing information on what you should and should not do. We are in constant touch with the consulates of different countries to ensure maximum success in getting visas. We also guide our students on how they can Extend their Visa or apply for a Residence Permit after reaching their destination.

For those students who may have applied to the university on their own, but need assistance with visa procedures, you are welcome to contact us, and our counsellors will ensure that your visa application form is correctly filled, and all your paper work is in order. It is best to apply for the visa 2-3 months in advance, so you don’t have any last-minute surprises.

Contact us for our counselors to get in touch with you and guide you to a university that is best suited for you.

A lot of students are not sure about which career to pursue, and this makes the college admission process a lot more stressful. Globalized Edu’s Consultancy services includes Admission counselling. This program distinctly identifies each student’s interests and potential careers. This focuses mostly in the energies of the student towards a clear goal, and provides immense relief to parents as well.

Getting into the top-tier college or universities or securing a scholarship is not easy. The application pools are awfully competitive today. What makes you distinct? What makes you stand out?

While serving on the admissions committees, our global Education consultancy has done immense research and have scanned through thousands of profiles. We will help you create a profile that will make the admissions committees give it another look for reconsideration. This involves writing a good resume, and we will make your good resume even better.

Our Education counsellors have served on the admissions and interview committees where they reviewed thousands of applications and selected them for admission. Our unmatched knowledge and expertise will help you get accepted to your dream college/university. We help you seek admission and provide you guidance under Discretionary Quota like – NRI/ Management quota to various Institutes and programs. Admission arranged will be to top & reputed colleges, who are authorised to provide seats under the mentioned quota. Government has officially announced 10-25% quota to admit students under the category generally termed as Management Quota / NRI Quota / Payment Seats/ Discretionary Quota / PIO Quota / Foreign Quota.

Career development is a lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future.
In educational , career development provides a person, often a student, focus for selecting a career or subjects to undertake in the future. Globalized Edu career counsellors provide exclusive assistance students with their educational development.
Our Career Development research team focuses on :
> how individuals manage their careers within and between organizations
> how organizations structure the career progress of their members, it can also be tied into succession planning within most of the organizations
In today’s world, more employers are looking for ways to facilitate career development and encourage their employees to drive their own careers. This study has helped us to equip the students well in advance and guide them essentially in terms of future growth and planning.
The evolution or development of a career is informed by :
> Experience within a specific field of interest (with career, job, or task specific skills as by-product)
> Success at each stage of development
> Educational attainment commensurate with each incremental stage
> Communications – the capacity to analytically reflect your suitability for a given job via cover letter, resume and the interview process.
> Understanding of career development as a navigable process.
Our counsellors are more than proficient in walking you through to perfection at each stage.

Whether you’re in high school, college, or the professional world, it’s normal to feel lost about what kind of job you should be doing after the career choice you have made  Career guidance can help you understand yourself and your goals better. Globalized edu have a panel of well experienced Career Guidance experts who will help you through your school to figure out your next career steps.
Regardless of what grade you’re in, guidance counselors can help you start planning for your future. Stop by our office before or after school to see if they have time to talk, or ask if you can schedule an appointment with them.
Our career center offers access to networking events, job postings, and counselor advice throughout the academic year. They also have special resume and cover-letter preparation services.
Following are the services we provide under Career Guidance :
> If you want advice catered more towards which classes you should take to reach a career goal, schedule an appointment with our academic counselor.

> If you don’t already have a resume you’ve been using, we can help you typing up a one-page summary of your education, work experience, and skills listed in a bullet-point format.

The counselor will offer suggestions for improving it, so be open to changes and don’t take the editing personally.

The niche need – been taken care of & safety at the residence of our students is Peoplelink Placement’s primary concern and thus we provide Indian hostel accommodation facility for both boys & girls separately.

As Peoplelink Placements cares about comforting students with Indianized things around the globe, it also cares about the taste of every Indian individual be it the allopath or his guardian. Peoplelink Placement provides Indian pantry services for all the allopaths sent overseas. Nevertheless, Peoplelink Placement also considers specific Maharashtrian culture & taste when it comes to catering services.

At EduOptions Abroad we help students with the travel preparations, so you can start this exciting new phase in your life without the hassle or worry of your travel arrangements. Our travel partners offer special schemes and discounts to our students and arrange airport/train station pick-ups to ensure they reach their university. From inter-city to international transport, we organize your travel itinerary and do the relevant bookings to ensure that you are fetched from your home and dropped to the university campus without any problem.

Contact us for our counselors to get in touch with you and guide you to a university that is best suited for you.


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